Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ohhh Pleaseeee...

Obama 'must act now' on climate

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What a load of crap. At least they called it by its true nature, climate change. Look for a shift in calling it that rather than Global Warming. There is really nothing that we can do, if ever there was to affect this climate change. It is a natural phenomena brought on by the cycles of the sun

But look for them now to find a way of controlling us and taxing us as an excuse for fighting "Global Climate Warming Change", or whatever they call it next. Perhaps we can pay some group of scientists 10 million dollars to find a catchy new name for it!

Before long they will force us to give up our older "Carbon Belching" vehicles, and buy a newer more efficient vehicle with built in GPS locator and a tattle-tale black box that will dump its collected data into LEOs caring hands whenever we pass an inquiring squad car.

Yup! You were traveling 70 in a 55mph zone. Your Black box and GPS comfirm it.
The ticket is in the mail!


  1. How come all the sudden the President only has 4 years to solve the problem...? Could it be that he can only give out some more taxpayers money while he is in office?

    Do they think that the people are really buying into this crap as usual? I hope not...

  2. I so love my 1982, non computerized Heep! Track this! (Mayberry flips the bird....). Check out the 2009 Farmer's Almanac, and the historical temperature charts in there. It's funny, the temperature curve follows the solar activity curve exactly.....