Monday, September 6, 2010

Hitting Close To Home

More police executions in the line of duty. No need to arrest, jail or bother the courts with these cases! Tasers should be outlawed from use, period! Perhaps officers should be tased before they are ever issued one themselves. Perhaps then they would be more reluctant to use them when other means will suffice!
This just makes me sick.

Taser Death: Adam Colliers (Gold Bar, WA)

A young man will never see tomorrow


  1. Where I live LEOs are tased as part of their training. The one LEO told me they were given a hint of what it is like through the upper fabric part of the boot. I fully understand that in some cases, a taser is the only way to subdue a whacked out psycho. But it appears there are too many cases where other means would have been just as effective.

  2. I think it is good that they receive a "hint" of what it is like, but it not the same as being shot in the chest and given repeated 5 second bursts until the officer is satisfied or the victim is dead.

    I went to school with Adam's father.
    I am heart sick over this.

  3. The tasar is supposed to be a non-violent way to subdue a suspect or someone who is dangerous to themselves and others. It is used hundreds of thousands of times a year with very few bad results. There is no perfect system to do this and this actually saves lives. Don't jump to conclusions on this.