Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Survive Hard Times

Here is an interesting series of articles posted over at Survival Prep Dot Net geared towards stocking up on food. It's worth your read!

Nine meals from anarchy

Nine meals from anarchy, Part 2: Don’t worry, the government can help!

Nine meals from anarchy, Part 3: You really DO have enough space for food

Nine meals from anarchy, Part 4: Start slow if you must, but get started!

Nine meals from anarchy, part 5: Cheap eats, coming right up!

Here is a collection of links to some good info. Remember to download these resources, who knows how long this stuff will be available on the internet.

Update 9/4/12:
 The above links are now working again. Get this info while you can folks!

How to Survive Hard Times

Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Breakdown in Society?

There are other good articles on both these sites, just follow all the available links and copy the information into My Notes Keeper  for organizing your Survival Bible  or Alexandria Project.

Now I probably found these sources by following a link off of some other blogs pages, but since my memory sucks I couldn't cite my sources if I had too.

Prep Like Hell We Are Just About Out Of Tomorrow's


  1. ...thanx fer the linx Brother...

  2. Thanks for the plug for my site! I hope people take my articles to heart and start preparing themselves and their families for the hard times ahead.

  3. he top 5 link "9 meals from anarchy" etc are dead... :(

  4. Archived link here. Get the posts while they are available!!!!

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