Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sabotage in the Gulf?

Gulf oil platform explodes, burning off La. coast

So, what are we to avert our gaze from? Who would benefit from more gulf disaster?

An accident? I am not so sure anymore.


  1. ...may go part and parcel with what i've been seeing lately,and my post today...too many "coincidences"...

  2. Scout,sure will keep peoples attention focused Huh?


  3. I thought this GoM stuff was part of the plan to a) poison the gulf and hence poison the food supply to millions, b) put the other 1300 rigs in the GoM into slow or complete stop mode hence driving up the cost of oil (put it back to $120/barrel+++) c) kill off all those old and stupid people in the south that are a dead weight on the government welfare programs using the ecological poisoning via corexit in the air and water supplies.

    Which one of these do I have wrong?

  4. I agree. As soon as I saw this recent event - I thought - "Again?".

    I am sure there are some sttats as to howoften this type of thing happens.


  5. Sandblasting on an oil production platform without grounding yourself properly = boom! Bunch of idiots, not saboteurs.

  6. All the WH says no, maybe it is to divert our attention to the imminent bail out of the Afgan bank, or some other stunt for the upcoming elections. Who new that drilling rigs were so problematic for the gulf.