Thursday, June 12, 2008

Falling Apart At The Seams

Mayors ask Congress to help fix U.S. infrastructure

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Gee, who would of thought that with all the billions going to enrich Haliburton and friends in Iraq, that our own country would be falling apart at the seams. I guess it is no longer desireable to keep the infrastructure back home in any kind of shape.

"Hmmm, your city is no longer livable, time to move your residents to our newly completed (by Haliburton) FEMA camps. We have all the necessities for Life (repressive slavery) at our camps."

It seems the system is being encouraged to fail by the neglect of our leaders.

When it comes time to move the population into camps, those who remain in the city will be at a disadvantage. Egress routes will be cordoned off by troops as they clear the city block by block. Whether they use busses or train cars, it won't matter to the occupants, the result is the same: Enslavement for your meals, labor for your upkeep.

A "Radiaological Event" may occur, allowing them unrestricted authority to empty any city. Just the possibility of a threat may allow them to evacuate any city. After all, who would want to stay in a city threatened with nuclear destruction by Al-Qaeda.

Hospitals, Healthcare Centers, Dentists and Pharmacies may be dismantled and setup in only the camps. Needing any sort of healthcare will require you to enter. Once in, you will never leave.

This will be all justified under centralized logistics. One shipping point, many distribution points within the camp. Everyone will be served! Dwindling fuel supplies may become the trigger for this.

This could be your future if you are not wary.
Prepare like there is no tomorrow.
The Government has sold it and you only think you have more time.

Thanks to all who inquired as to the state of my health. I'm still sick, but feeling a bit better.
I still have nightime fevers though. Kinda strange, those fevers. They seem absent during the day, but I wake with cold sweats and decidedly odd dreams.


  1. This is definitely the state of affairs down here. The infrastructure crumbles, while small time, piss ant local politicians build more ooh and ahh stuff on borrowed money to buy more votes come re-election time. Meanwhile the pipes are rotting and the streets crumble. The water ain't safe to drink (we had 2 boil notices this year, which is 2 more than ever before). Birds of a feather.....

  2. If you intend to attempt to stay in the cities as others are forced out, get copies of city blueprints that show the infrastructure below grade level. Anyone who knows their way around below ground will have a tremendous advantage over an aggressor.

    Nightime fevers. Make sure you don't have some type of blood infection.

  3. The city of Arlington had drug tainted water and didn't even bother to tell the people and the sad part is that it's gonna happen again and again and again........

    BTW, glad you're feelin' a little better. Keep the fluids going and lots of vitamin C.

  4. The underground that Citiies squat upon has often raised my intrest.

    They may become shelter or highway to those who know their ways.

    Thanks for the concern everyone. Stress plays a bit part of our overall health and God know's I have been getting my share lately.

  5. Glad to hear your feeling better.

    As for the night dreams I look forward to getting sick, that way I can use nyquil recreationaly!

    An interesting thought to use the sewer system to your advantage. I have to work in a metroplex, I should get some maps of the system, JIC.

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better--try to do two things: flush the toxins out of your system, and at the same time feed your immune system with good herbs. Hot baths while drinking very cold water will make you sweat out a lot of toxins. Vitamin C, E, goldenseal and echinacea in high doses will boot your immune system. Neither of these things can harm you--they can only help.

    Hope that helps!