Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Yesterday, my youngest son brought me a usb memory stick and said “Dad, I wrote a story and I would like you to read it and tell me what you think.”

I was busy doing something else at the time so I told him I would get to it after I finished.
About an hour later I plugged it in and found the story he had mentioned. He is a novice writer, but thoroughly enjoys it and wants to be an author when he gets out of school.

I think he will be one sooner than that.
What I read was good. Very good.
So good that I set him up with a blog to post his story on.

The blog is called,
Walking Dead: The Cooper Chronicles.

The link to it is the Featured Link near the top of my page on the left-hand side.
I encourage you to read it, it was that good.

He is going to post daily or as least frequently in the form of a journal kept by the central character. I got to read everything he had written, you will have to wait for the posts.

I am going to post his first 2 entries today on my blog to give you a taste of his writing.


Sunday, June 22nd, 2010
I did a little experimenting today. It takes headshots to smoke the infected. You can also burn them, but you need patience and the ability to control the fires. The stuff wildly spreads through their ranks when they come in contact with each other. Because of this discovery, I’ve decided to start making Napalm tomorrow. However, I’m going to keep a lot of fuel in reserve for things that need it more. Such as: Vehicles, Lanterns, etc.

I also did inventory. The list below shows all the Ammunition I have. I didn’t want to go through all the weapons I have, there is so damn many it is just too hard to count. I suspect that I’m just as good in that area as I am in ammunition. I also have plenty of Military Goodies stored; just one of the perks of being a class three dealer.

.22LR: 47,250 Rounds
.38 Special: 10,000 Rounds
9mm: 20,000 rounds
.45 ACP: 5,000 rounds
.44 Magnum: 1,000 Rounds
.357 Magnum: 3,570 rounds
.40 S&W: 4,000 rounds
.50 AE: 500 rounds

7.62×39: 3,000 Rounds
7.62×54R: 30,000 rounds
7.62×51: 6,000 Rounds
5.56mm NATO: 5,000 Rounds
.30-06: 10,000 rounds
.303 British: 3,000 rounds
.12 Gauge: 1,000 rounds

.50 Caliber: 100 rounds

I don’t think I’m in too bad of shape in ammunition. I’m looking good in the way of food & water too. I have food & water for a year or so. If this disaster doesn’t blow over in that amount of time, I need to pull out and head for my retreat in Western-Washington. I may end up having to do that before then. If the entire city figures out I have weapons, food, and water back here, I’ll have the entire city coming down on top of me. I’d take a lot of them with me considering I’ve got training and they don’t, but they’d kill me eventually. If they’re not undead cannibals, they’ll be interested in the goods I have in here. I don’t know what I’m going to do about that, I’ll have to scheme up a plan some time.


Monday, June 23rd, 2010

Good God, those moans are going to drive me insane. 1: It makes it hard to sleep. 2: It is annoying as hell. 3: Sometimes, you’re laying there in bed and it will scare the shit out of you. I went looking for earplugs this morning, but guess what? I couldn’t find any! I’m considering playing music while I sleep like I used to do when I was younger. The problem with that is, it would get my ears used to receiving unusual sounds. Which means, if they were to successfully get inside while I slept, I wouldn’t ever wake up because I wouldn’t hear them coming.

This kind of makes me wish I had spent that money on sound-proofing my walls, but then again, how was I suppose to know the dead were going to get up and sprint after the living?

It helps to get up in the middle of the night to pick some of them off. However, the more I do that; the more I give my position away to other enemies.

Aside from the bastards using Physiological Warfare on me, I have other news.

It seems, the phones are out but the internet is up. On the internet, there is this map of the world with red-spots that constantly grow. The first headline below that on MSN was “The Dead Walk” or something like that. That caused me to nickname them Deads. It just seemed like a great thing to call them to me. The other options were “Zeds” and “Zombies”. It’s just too ridiculous to believe, so I’ll stick with Deads for now.

The CB is getting panicky messages from all over the city; Calls for help, various things of that nature. This city is just loaded with Sheeple. That’s what cities are, Sheeple Zones. I can’t believe Jamie talked me into moving here. Oh well, least Portland has a lot of Gun Stores.

There is no news coming from the Television. All of the stations are either on Emergency Broadcasting or off the air entirely. Yesterday, there was little bits and pieces of news on TV, now there is nothing. I think everybody running the TV stations are dead.
I heard some guy on the CB babbling about a military response coming soon. I don’t know much about that, but this could be a problem. Whatever the Government’s plan for us in this disaster is, it can’t be good. They’ll probably try to use us as bait while they pull back to their holes and hide. I’m just going to sit tight where I am and wait this thing out. I’ll probably try to make some earplugs while I’m at it.


  1. Well be added to the blog roll shortly. Maybe I should go back and flesh out something I played with a few years back . . .

  2. I like this story, keep it coming.

  3. That's a nice bit of ammo. Mine is heavy on the .22LR also, my favorite.

  4. You're right. He's a good writer. Keep it coming!

  5. The boy seems to have a way with words.

  6. Yes, he´s a good writer. But you should take him to seek professional help, if he insists in using the zombie theme too much.

  7. I got the berkey filter for these same reasons. I want to make sure that I can take care of myself and my friends if it ever comes down to it.