Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Henry vs The JBT's pt 2

Predator Team 3

The team consisted of 10 men, with 9 actively entering the house and one providing radio support in case backup was needed. Once the victims were secured, they called in an extraction team which placed the victims in specially modified van with leg shackles installed to keep the prisoners secured. Predator Team 3 came into being after Teams 1 and 2 were destroyed by armed resistance on two separate occasions. Earlier teams had only six team members, but now they were beefed up to ten.

Team 3 consisted of: Willy Sherman, Robert Mugabe, Jesse Parker, Adrian Gonzales, T.J. Fellowes, Zane Williams, Frank Montgomery, Jerry Jacobs, Danny Freeman and Ahmed Fashkazar.

Most all of Team 3 had served together under UN operations in Bosnia and Kosovo. They had learned to enjoy raping the Muslim women and then killing them when they finished. Mugabe was the most twisted of them, as he loved to stomp kittens in front of the little children that owned them. The children's anguish gave him great joy, but the others only thought the behavior to be a little weird. Such was the level of their depravity.


The Operatives

Team 3 loaded up into the 2 black Suburban’s and the black Van and headed out to the target location. Since they were located in a major metropolis, the ride out to the location of the victim was over an hour in length. Sherman grumbled about the length of the ride and was hooted down by the rest of the team in the car with him, even though they hated it too.

"Damn yokels anyway !" thought Sherman, feeling grumpy after being chastised by his teammates. "I hope I get to kill someone." he thought to himself. Mugabe was lost in thoughts of rape and plunder, and didn't pay much attention to the others.

Williams grinned as he thought about the last Op's they performed. He got himself some sweet young stuff that time. "Who cares if she was only 12" he thought. "The younger the better." Gonzales was busy watching the road as he drove, and kept his thoughts to himself.

In the other Suburban, Fellowes was napping as Parker fiddled with his combat knife. Jacobs and Freeman were arguing about which football team was going to win the Sunday game while Jacobs drove.

Montgomery and Fashkazar drove in silence in the van, both lost in their own thoughts about the upcoming raid.



Team 3 arrived at Henry's at precisely 2:40 am. The driveway was 100 feet long, and since they were lazy they drove up 50 feet before stopping the vehicles. Unknown to them, they had just activated Henry's security system. Parker, as team leader, pulled out his night vision binoculars and surveyed the house: "Nothing moving" he announced to the team. "Alright, everyone into position and wait for my mark before you move."

The team quickly and quietly geared up, donned their night vision and headed for their assigned positions. Sherman, Mugabe and Parker moved up to the front door with Parker holding the ram and Mugabe standing by with the shotgun loaded with the breeching shells.

The steps were too narrow for Fellowes, Williams and Harvey to stand next to the window so Williams and Harvey backed off to a position in the yard 10 feet behind Fellowes. Harvey would have to throw his grenade at the instant the sledge hammer hit the window so as get the timing right.

Everyone reported that they were in position, so Parker started his count: "1... 2... 3... this poor bastard is going down hard" he thought to himself. ""Everything is falling into place, just as planned."


And at this point, things started to go wrong.

Very wrong!

Harvey pulled the pin on his grenade and arced his arm back for the throw as Fellowes swung his sledge. Just before the sledge impacted the window he threw the grenade.


The sledge hammer rebounded back off the window and caught Fellowes square on the helmet, knocking him backwards over the railing to the ground 4 feet below. The grenade bounced off the window, hit the handrail and finally landed at the feet of the trio at the door.

"Oh Shi....' Ka-Boom went the grenade, stunning and blinding all three as they stumbled around the small porch, bumping into each other.

"Oh my god!" said Harvey. "What just happened?" Fellowes was not moving, as the accelerated fall had snapped his neck when he landed on his head. Williams was just standing there with his mouth hanging open in disbelief.

When the driveway alarm sounded, Henry bolted out of bed and climbed through the trapdoor and down the ladder to his OP's center. He quickly slid into his clothes, laced his boots and was soon ready for action. The control board was lighting up in four areas: The driveway, the front porch, the west side of the house, and finally, the deck in the back.

Henry flipped the switches that turned on the heat lamps, electric blankets and the audio countermeasures. He then flipped the switches that remotely triggered the strobes and half the smoke grenades, not wanting to wait for the entry to employ these tactics.

The entry team slowly recovered and forced themselves back to the task at hand. Parker swung the ram expecting the door to give way, but it bounced back and hit Sherman in the the knee, eliciting a string of profanity from him. Parker swung again, and again the ram bounced back, this time narrowly missing Mugabe.

"This damn door is reinforced!" Shouted Parker. “Get the LAW”.

Williams sprinted to the van to equip himself with the teams only LAW rocket as the entry team retreated from the door. As Williams trotted back into camera view Henry issued his own string of profanity. He wasn't prepared for explosives!

Williams had informed Fashkazar of the events while retrieving the LAW. Fashkazar then relayed the developments to HQ where the commander cussed him out for being an incompetent boob. Swearing under his breath, he went back to monitoring the radio traffic of the team.

By the time Williams returned, the entry team had cleared the porch and were dragging Fellowes limp body away from where he fell.

"He's Dead. Necks broke" said Sherman. "I can see that you idiot" snapped Parker. The two exchanged glares and then turned back toward the house.

"Fire that damn weapon Williams!" barked Parker. Williams shouldered the LAW, aimed it et the front door lock, and fired.

Whooossshh FABOOOM!

The door flew open as the latch and door jam were blown away. The shattered door swung back and forth for a few moments and then became still. Smoke billowed out the gaping hole as the entry team raced back up the steps. The Strobes were casting their weird effect through the opening, rendering the night vision useless. They tossed them aside and entered the smoldering doorway.

Sherman, Mugabe and Parker didn't know what hit them. As they leaped thru the doorway they broke the light beam that controlled the solenoid on the crossbow. They would never go home again, as the crossbow in the corner did its job. Three 3 foot long pieces of sharpened rebar leaped from its cable with one piece passing thru all three of them, penetrating their body armor with ease and leaving a one inch hole behind.

One of the rebar passed thru Gonzales kevlar helmet as he stood watching and pinned him to Henrys old camper. Shocked and angered by the sudden demise of their fellow JBT's, Williams and Harvey stormed thru the door, looking for something to shoot.

While all this was happening, Montgomery, Jacobs and Freeman were trying to secure entrance thru the sliding glass door on the back deck. Much to their surprise it was protected by a wrought Iron gate that was locked from the inside. There was no way to reach the lock as it was protected by a steel plate and it would take forever to try to disassemble the construct from the outside.

Their next target was the back door, although their plans hadn't covered entry from there. As the 3 of them stepped up to breach the door, they were greeted by a fine spray of kerosene that soaked their vests and pants. They heard a soft click and were greeted by a propane torch on full.

The kerosene mist exploded into a fireball and their fuel soaked clothes caught fire instantly making them into human torches, running around Henry's backyard as they tried in vain to extinguish the flames. Their screams of fear and pain were heard by the pair in the house who thought that it was coming from their intended victims.

"Take down the door!" roared Williams as he and Harvey confronted Henry's bedroom door. Harvey fired 2 shots at each of the hinges with his shotgun only to discover the breaching shells had no effect on the reinforced door hinges. As they attacked the door, Henry triggered the pepper spray canisters he had added at the last moment, dousing them with it. While they stumbled around coughing and choking from the spray, Henry flipped the switch to open the dogs room. The door slid open and the Rottweiler’s sprang out searching for the intruders who were making such a racket.

They found them in the living room, and the coughing and choking turned to screams of terror and pain as the dog's ripped into them. Once the dogs found their throats, their cries stopped and all that could be heard was the dogs growling as they worried the corpses. Fashkazar rushed from his post at the radio to come to his teams aid. Their screams and cry’s had stirred him up and he was ready for some payback.

As he approached the house he slowed to take in the situation. One team member with his head pinned to a camper, and what looked to be a couple laying in a heap at the entrance door, and "Wait, what’s that movement on the roof? It looks like a piece of pipe or an antenna being...." BOOM!

The turret Henry had designed using small drive motors, a surveillance camera, a laser sight and a Highpoint 9mm carbine had done its job. Fashkazar slumped to the ground while his third eye began to weep a mixture of blood and brains.

Henry secured the dogs and then prepared the final welcome for the follow on crew he knew would be coming to cleanup the operation. He collected all the weapons and gear he wanted which he then loaded in his van. He set out and lit the kerosene lamps and flipped the final switches in the OP's center. After quickly searching the vehicles for gear, he tossed a homemade thermite grenade into each of the teams vehicles. He then loaded up the dogs and drove off to his retreat. Elapsed time: 20 minutes.

The retreat was an hours drive away.


Curses, Foiled Again

The helicopter with the Reaction team arrived shortly and hovered over Henry's house, surveying the corpses of Team 3 that were visible from their vantage point.

The smoldering burnt out hulks of Team 3's vehicles were the only vehicles present. "React Team to command, no sign of life, suspect's vehicle is missing."

The commander had dispatched the Reaction team after failing to contact Predator team 3 on the comm link.

"Land and investigate. I am coming with the procurement team. ETA 1 hour. "

Henry arrived at his retreat and set up his laptop. He connected to the web app that his surveillance cameras sent their feed to, and watched the JBT's wander around his now abandoned house. He listened to them talk over the audio feed and learned that the rest of the command was nearing his house.

So he waited.

The commander and the Procurement team arrived and entered the house. "What is the situation?" asked the commander.

"Team 3 is wiped out sir." reported a nervous underling. "Well why in the hell aren't these doors open?" the commander said. "We'll get right on it sir!"

The commander set his laptop out on the kitchen table and pulled up Henry's file. The only copy of Henry's file. He trusted no one so all the information he gathered was stored on that one computer.

'I'm going to have to back these files up pretty soon." he thought to himself.

"And why in the hell would these kerosene lanterns all be lit? Surely this guy is a whacko!"

Henry clicked a button on his screen once he saw everyone was inside. The computer in the OP's center asked him if he was sure, and he clicked a button again. Under the house, an electric fuel pump began pumping a mixture of kerosene and gasoline into the carefully hidden fuel line mounted under the ceiling tiles. Starting with the bedrooms first, then the hall and kitchen, and finally the living room, the nozzles sprayed forth their deadly fluid.

"Get out! Get out!" screamed the commander as he was blanketed with fuel.

The mist reached the kerosene lamps and.....

The resulting explosion was heard 50 miles away.

Henry closed up the laptop, fed the dogs and sat down to an ice cold beer.

"Now what to do" he thought.

The End


  1. most movies can only dream of having such sequences - sounds like a setup that rainwater (cnn interview) guy could afford.

  2. A lot of Henry's defenses were scrounged up from junk vehicles and parts from old electronic appliances. Switches, lights and solenoid valves can be bought at Radio Shack and Grainger Supply.

    The Surveillance system can be bought off eBay for around $400.00: Computer, 4 cameras, hardware and software. It is modeled after the system I am designing for my own home.

    The most expensive purchases for Henry were the steel door frames, the steel doors, the hardened steel plate and the kevlar in the bedroom walls.

  3. fantastic read man = I mean it. You have a serious talent for this stuff. Bison sent me your way and we all love you. Keep it up man. You should write a novel, you have a great style and I loved the ending. I thought the hero should light up a fatty as well as have a beer.

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    Police and Fed agencies are notorious for poor prep work, so you want to use that to your advantage.

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    I'll look for a response here.

  5. I think it would be a great service to my readers and the Survival/Preparedness community for you to share your experience and knowledge with us.

    Thank you for offering!

  6. Things to worry about in this scenario:
    + GPS surveillance of the BOV and other vehicles owned by Henry.
    + Curfews, roadblocks, and travel restrictions would most likely be in place if FEMA is operating in this capacity
    + Henry's actions would have him on the most wanted list, with an APB and a BOLO on his BOV. He's become a wanted man with bullet magnet, instead of a forgotten number.
    + possible RFID tagging of FEMA assigned armory. Easier inventory management plus the added bonus of being able to track the weapons while on FEMA sites. Henry's trophy/resource gathering could create an additional tracking method
    + Bug out location (BOL) is now locatable due to him logging on to his home network. This is done via his ISP and being able to triangulate the location via the cell/wifi towers. Warrentless wiretaps
    + BOL could be locatable via land ownership/tax records, or other utility records. As a wanted man this would be disastrous, as a forgotten number he would have had better odds.
    + If the FEMA JBTs had cut the power this would have altered the Henry's defense, and it defiantly would have caused the JBT's to adapt their plan if they saw the affects of the gen.
    + If the FEMA JBTs had not entered the house open the first signs of it being reinforced, and called for backup Henry would have become a prisoner in his very own house.

  7. Anonymous 2:04 PM, I'm glad you liked the story.

    My youngest son and I are collaborating on a "Novel" currently, but infrequently. Life intrudes.

  8. Anonymous 8:10 PM,

    Those are all very good points and I am glad you have pointed them out. Thank you.

    To respond with how Henry avoided being ensnared by them would require a seriously long post.

    Let it suffice to say that Henry is a very intelligent and resourceful individual with a Military background.

    Your points do make food for thought for possible future blog posts.

    Thanks again for your insight.

  9. Are you going to publish any more chapters of this story?

    1. I might. It has room for at least 1 if not 2 more installments.

  10. Lovely story - please keep writing :)