Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Henry vs The JBT's pt 1

Some of you may be familiar with Henry from "Barter: The Currency After The Crash" which was posted on Bison Survival Blog by Jim Dakin as a guest post (September 30, 2007) .

This story is an adventure of Henry's that happened during the crash, as the S was HTF.


Henry was worried. He had been hearing of raids by the JBT's on fellow prepper friends; Early morning raids occuring while the targets slept. His friends were not seen again, and inquiries into their whereabouts were meet with threats and intimidation. It seems that the targets were too high profile in their conversations on the internet about what kinds of weapons and how much ammo, as well as food supplies they had stashed. Their public criticism of the Government had contributed to their demise.

After the raids, it was all gone. All family members as well as their goods, gone. The rumors were flying thick and fast, so much so that Henry quit listening and decided he needed to do something to protect himself.

Henry decided that he first needed to understand the tactics used by the JBT's in order to defeat them. Their number one tactic was Dynamic Entry. This tactic allowed them to daze and confuse their victims and to overwhelm them with superior numbers.

The gist of this tactic was to post teams at each entrance or exit. The front door was the main entry point where they employed one of three different methods to enter: Door breaching shells in a shotgun to take out the hinges, A battering ram to knock down the door, or a entryway spreading jack that would allow the door to be opened without using the previous 2 methods.

Before the door was breached, a 2 man team was assigned to disable the victims with flash bang grenades. One man was assigned to take out the bedroom window with a sledgehammer and the other to toss in the grenade as the window and curtain were swept out by the sledge. The front door is then breached as this other action occurred followed by the JBT's swarming into the bedroom and overwhelming the stunned victims.

Henry's first act of hardening his home was to relocate most all of his gear to off site caches and to his primary retreat location. Next, he installed 3 foot high sheets of 1/4" thick hardened steel plate along the outside walls of his bedroom. This was covered by Kevlar material with a 1/2" piece of plywood backing that up. While this would probably not stop armor piercing bullets, it would stop shotgun, .223 and most all handgun calibers used by the JBT's.

The glass in the windows was replaced with polycarbonate sheets. Around the inside of the windows was a frame with hangers on which an expanded metal grate was hung. It was secured in place with 4 quick pull pins so that in an emergency such as a fire, the grate could be removed quickly.

All of the bedroom doors were replaced with reinforced steel exterior doors that were painted to resemble a standard wooden interior door. The hinges were replaced with heavy duty steel hinges as well as strips of piano style hinges that ran between the HD steel hinges. The door also had a deadbolt installed with steel reinforced door jams.

On the bedroom side, there were small interlocking loops for pins to be dropped into, essentially making it a wall rather than a door. the door frame itself was replaced with 4" steel square tube welded up to form the frame. Steel plates welded to the bottom were mated to long steel plates under the subfloor which in turn were bolted together and covered back up by the carpet. Normal wood trim hid the whole construct. This was repeated for all the bedroom doors as well as the front and back porch doors.

Next Henry installed a video security system that covered 8 different angles from the eaves of the house. The system could record via IR illumination and was motion activated. it also could be remotely monitored from a web based application in real-time.

In the closet of the master bedroom, he installed a trap door that led down a short ladder into an underground bunker. it was in this bunker that he setup a small OP's center with commo equipment as well as the heart of his video surveillance system. It also had several long arms with ammo, a B.O.B., assorted gear, water and food as well as a latrine.

The Op's center was designed to be able to run for 24 hours with no outside power. It had a UPS with a battery bank that was able to be recharged either with the solar panels on his roof or a small genset as well as grid power.

He installed a control board with lights and switches to control the remote security measures that he had placed. The board was laid out in such a manner as to represent Henry's house and property.

A driveway alert sensor would trigger a soft alarm chime next to the headboard of his bed. Motion detectors at different tactical locations would light up the board as they were activated. Once in the OP's center Henry could check out the activity on the board and know what cameras to view to become aware of the developing situation.

On the sliding glass doors leading to Henry's deck, he built a wrought iron gate that moved on a trolley system mounted to the top and bottom of the gate to slide out of the way when not in use. When closed, the locking mechanism was protected by a steel plate, rendering attempts to unlock from outside ineffective.

Henry decided to try something different at the back door. Here he installed a small steel pressurized tank full of kerosene which was plumbed to 4 spray nozzles: 2 at chest level on either side of the door frame and 2 at the foot of the door angled up towards knee height. The fuel to the nozzles was cutoff by an electrically controlled flow valve.

For an ignition device, he used a piezeo electric ignited propane torch. 1/2 second after the kerosene nozzles quit spraying, the torch lit, igniting the kerosene vapor into a fireball which would engulf anyone who was unlucky enough to be there.

If anyone were to gain entry through the front door, they would trigger smoke grenades and 3 different strobe lights to defeat both normal and night vision. Heat lamps and electric blankets would help defeat any IR devices used to detect body heat and speakers in the ceilings produced the sounds of crowds moving in public places to defeat any acoustic sensing equipment.

One of the spare bedrooms was converted to a dog kennel and Henry bought 2 Rottwiellers which he had trained by a friend who was experienced in guard dog training. Henry named them Turk and Juno and they happily took up their posts within the house.

On the roof Henry mounted a surprise for any intruders that might be standing off from the house.

The last defensive measure Henry built was a crossbow wtih a 6 foot prod. Made from an automobile leaf spring, it required a come-a-long to cock and was mounted on a 4x4 framework secured to the floor. It was loaded with three pieces of 1" rebar, 3 feet long and sharpened to a point on one end. It was connected to a solenoid that would trigger if a light beam was interupted. It covered the front door.

Monday, August 9th, 2010.

Henry was now ready. He got on the Internet and joined several chat groups, posted some inflammatory anti Government remarks, signed off and went to bed. It's was now a waiting game. The trap was baited.


JBT Headquarters 9:00 am, Friday August 12th, 2010.

The briefing room was full of idle chatter as the "Predator Team" waited to be briefed on their latest mission. The room quieted as the commander entered to conduct the meeting.

"Tonight’s mission will be a simple one," he intoned. "The subject is a single man living in a single story 3 bedroom rambler. Here is the floor plan as provided by the county auditor. However, the home is on a built up foundation so the bedroom windows are at six feet. There are stairs leading to the front porch beneath the master bedroom window which will allow standard entry tactics. "

"The house has a back door and sliding glass doors exiting onto a rear deck. I want entry team one at the front, team two at master bedroom window, and team three to cover both the deck and the back door. "

"Once subdued, the subject is to be transported to FEMA camp Red. Anyone else in the home is to be transported to interrogation headquarters. The slightest resistance is to be met with lethal force. Any questions?"

"Do we get to keep any loot we find?" asked a voice from the back.

"Standing orders are all recorded goods are to be delivered to procurement teams. If it is not on your list, it doesn't exist."

"Yehaa, kitten stompin time boy's!" said the voice from the back.

"Ops to commence at 3:00 am Friday August 13th, 2010" said the commander as he left the podium. "Happy hunting boys"

Part 2 tomorrow.


  1. Interesting....

    How about making fake doors, leading to nowhere - or down into a 10-foot deep, narrow pit.

  2. Thanks for the Bison plug, but the post was about the trip to a barter area, getting a flat bicycle tire, having the wrong barter items. I thought it was a darn good article. Not trying to be picky, just don't want confusion if you visit Bison.

  3. A silly thing to do, IMHO, unless he has some serious revenge to do - very good friends or family members that have disappeared. Henry had better have someplace at least this good to go to, because the trap will only work once. The window of opportunity for bugging out post-raid will be difficult to fit through, metaphorically speaking. Henry also could be getting unwanted attention from his purchases, this stuff had better have been acquired over a period of time and with cash.

    A trailer traceable to Henry that is rigged to blow when invaded would be a handy thing for keeping JBT's occupied. That would be my first option, but I have a limited budget and a devious mind.