Monday, June 2, 2008

The Marlin Model 60 Survival Rifle

The Marlin Glennfield Model 60 was my very 1st rifle. I bought it when I turned 18 and just recently gave it to my youngest son for his 15th birthday. Long before I was married (and divorced), a co-worker sold me his Marlin for $50.00. So now I have 2 too customize.

Due to an early experiment (didn't work out) at trying to create a folding stock, 1 of the rifles was needing a replacement. So I chose the Dragunov as the only other stock was a factory version. I like a pistol grip and it has the "cool" factor.

Part of the fun of owning a rifle is to customize it to your own liking.
So I did (am).

I wanted to create a survival/foraging rifle that would take small game yet be something I could just grab and go if needed. This is what I have come up with so far.

The heart of this survival kit is the Marlin Model 60 with ATI Dragunov stock.
Next item I added is the QD swivels and sling.
Then I followed up with a 3x9 40mm scope w/rings and lens cap. If you use low mounts, the front lens cap will not fit without modifying it.
A nice folding Bipod for those important prone shots (Harvesting Game, Varmints, etc...)
Heres a look at the bipod mounting system. I'm not real fond of it as I had to use some spacers to get some of the slack out of it.

My solution is to drill and tap the mount, then epoxy it to the stock. The bipod can be removed and the mount used for something else. Here is it folded up.

The Uncle Mikes Sidesaddle shotgun buttstock shotshell carrier will hold 3+ empty plastic medicine bottles, depending on how you arrange them.

There are loops for 5 shells, but the medicine bottles are much larger around than a 12 guage shell so only a few will fit. You could use a thin walled plastic tube with press fit ends if you can find enough.

One bottle is filled with .22lr
One is filled with wooden matches
One is filled with cotton balls soaked with petroleum jelly
One will have an emergency fishing kit
40 feet of 550 para cord is wound onto the stock

Under the elastic buttstock is 2 contractor trash bags taped together and a survival blanket, as well as a mora knife, butane lighter and swedish fire steel.
Using a sewing machine to create a modified button hole like stitch, I will be adding slots for attaching a Molle style pouch for more gear.

This same setup can be used with the Ruger 10/22 when utilising the ATI stock.
Another future upgrade is this laser/flashlight setup for night time varmint shooting (weasel in the henhouse).

With the addition of some of this,

no one will know your poppin' weasels (or coyotes) at night.

Ain't she sweet?


  1. Damn, just when I was considering something else, you bring up the 60 again! Heh heh heh. That is a sweet lookin' setup. I was gravitating towards a bolt .22, but that Model 60 is such a sweet lookin' gun. And I've seen 90% good things about them. Ahhh, decisions, decisions.....

  2. You might have noticed the remenants of a camo paintjob on her.

    She will be sporting a new one pretty soon to go along with the other fun!

  3. Sweet. Be sure to post us a picture!

  4. The Model 60 is indeed nice. I shoot my friends all the time, but I could not imagine throwing such a stock onto one. Indeed, very interesting.

  5. Nice setup for a grab-gun!

    I've had cycle-feed problems with sub-sonic ammo in the Marlin and Ruger 10/22.

    I tried the Aquila subs and had mostly stove pipe jams due to insufficent propellant charge.
    Ive also spoke with others who seem to have the same feed problem I had .
    I use them in single shot actions with wonderful results!!

    Have you experienced any feed problems with the sub-ammo, or are you just now trying them in your semi-auto's?

    Ps. we've also tried a lighter bolt return spring and even "radius'd the feed ramp" to allow a smoother less steep angle of cartridge feed at the chamber throat,......that has helped a bit but the problem still exists,.......

  6. I haven't had a chance to try subsonic in mine yet.

    Aguila Ammo .22 LR Sub-Sonic Super Sniper, 950 FPS

    Remington 22SubSonic, Muzzle velocity is 1050 fps, muzzle energy is 93 ft.-lbs
    Data from: Cheaper Than Dirt

    Comments on the Remington suggest that it may be more reliable albeit a little louder in semi's.

  7. Here is the data for CCI From its web site.

    40gr Sub-Sonic
    1070 fps

    40gr HP Small Game
    1280 fps

    and in WMR Minimag;
    40gr HP
    1910 fps

    30gr +V
    2200 fps

    I may contact Remington about expansion pressure needed to cycle their bolt,....maybe they could make a recommendation. I really would like to be able to shoot "quiet" ammo.

    Blog on!

  8. Remington Subsonic in my Ruger 10/22 works OK. A little louder pop.

  9. hey riverwalker

    how dirty is the remmington rounds and how much of a report does it give?

  10. I REALLY like the idea of using med/pill bottles and the shotgun shell carrier! Consider it stolen!

    How is the ATI stock? I've seen and shot one that was on a NEF shotgun and it felt and was junk! I like the Choate's stock as well.


  11. The stock fits me well and feels solid enough, so I am happy with it. The narrowness of the stock is what makes the whole concept work so well.

  12. To gott_cha: Cleaner than Federal which seems to have a lot more misting. Report is OK for subsonic.
    I don't shoot subsonic much - keep a clip loaded mainly if the wind is kicking up a lot to help with accuracy. I don't know why but it's always been trial and error with me to find the brand of ammo my rifle(or pistols for that matter) work the best with (maybe if my eyesight was better...). What's working best for you?

  13. riverwalker,..hit me up on e-mail.

  14. Its a nice setup, but if it were mine, I'd consider leaving the bipod off of it, unless prone is an extremely common shooting position. Damnable things are always snagging vegetation, poke you when you least expect them and generally are a nuisance. But - it is your rifle.

    Great post sir.

  15. The bipod can quickly be removed via a knurled knob as shown in one of the photos. When foraging to feed yourself or your family, you will not want to chance a miss due to unsteady aim. This is where the bipod will come in handy.

    Imagine yourself staking out a prairie dog town, or on a hill overlooking an old "kill". You want one shot kills if possible, and the bipod can help achive that.

    That is why I added that feature.

  16. It's still a great looking set-up!

  17. That looks aweful nice to me.Food for thought and a potential project down the road.

  18. the mod 60 one of this planets
    most over looked weapons

  19. it looks great. i got a model 60 ad been thinking about getting the same stock. ur build makes me wanna get it done soon now. looks great and great idea for the whole survival look

  20. Great project you have going with the Marlin 60 and the ATI stock. I have a similar project in the works now but its is with a Ruger 10/22 and a Butler Creek folding stock.

    My main question deals with your optics, more specifically how well your rings/scope is staying in place on the 3/8" grooved receiver. I have a Marlin Papoose (Model 70P) and if I use anything larger than a 4x32 the rings slip. What rings are you using and have you noticed any slipage?

    My next project will be with the Papoose and the ATI stock, should be fun and I look forward to it.

  21. Forgot to mention...

    If you want a faster means of reloading the Marlin 60, or any tube feed .22lr for that matter, you can make a speed loader out of cut arrow shafts, aluminum tubing found at Home Depot, Lowes etc et Cut the tube to length, plug one end and find a cap that will fit for the other end. Keep these preloaded tubes in a quiver similar to those made for archery hunting. You can also lash two tubes of the proper length to the gun itself, one on the left side of the barrel and one on the right. They will fit perfectly against the barrel and tube, then secure them with velcro straps or 550 cord.

  22. Also you can store some more 22lr in the hollow grip. I was thinking about drilling in the but stock some holes for 22lr.

    Great Article BTW. I have a similar setup. I wnt to try to fit this Ati stock to a Marlin 70pss "papoose"!

  23. i have my dads old marlin which worked great but broke after 50 some years havent been able to see the new models did the factory stock come with swivels for a bipod? or know of any bipods specialy for the marlin model 60 havent had luck finding any of this info

    1. Go to, they carry a lot of aftermarket parts for Marlin's. I'm gettin the heavy duty 1 because you can de-tatch it, the light weight 1 doesn't. They carry stocks too.

  24. The old factory stocks did not have swivels, I am not sure about the new ones.

    Check here for replacements parts:, or if that link doesn't work,

    I don't know of any bipods for the Marlin, there isn't much in the way of dressup items. I had to make my bipods fit.

    Eventually I just used 2 black nylon wire ties to tighten it up and remove the slop.

  25. "Something wicked comes" indeed, and I think it is your modified Marlin 60. I have been working on my own "gathering of needs" and an auto .22lr was always in the back of my mind. Finally, as if to scratch an itch, I went to the local gun store and asked to look at their auto .22s. I knew I wanted tube feed because of my love affair with my Marlin 39A, but I now wanted a semi-auto. When I saw the Model 60 a sudden disloyalty came over me and I knew it was about to push aside my darlin' 39A. I brought my new bride home and cleaned the barrel and went through my own brake in procedure. The gun shot beautifully. I could not erase the smile from my face. It is 35 degrees outside and I decided to get on the web and find a thumb-hole stock for my new prize. I saw the Dragunov stock and thought it was overkill, ugly and rediculous. However, when I found what you had done with it I suddenly realized that the Model 60had achieved a higher level than I ever imagined. I intend to copy everything you have done and follow any other adivce you offer. I ain't dumb in any way, but you are so far ahead of the curve on this gun I just want to grab holt and hang on! Thanks, and let's have fun with this rifle, and rely on it in difficult times ahead.

  26. I don't want to be anomynous, I just can't figure out this google sign up nonsense. Maybe it's because I am 61 years old and wish we still did business with cash in a cigar box.

  27. OK...My new beauty is stainless, fitted with the Druganov stock, a Swift 4 power wide angle scope, shotgun stock shell holder with 46 extra shells and wooden matches, 12foot of parachute cord with pull handle, knife, gun oil, and toothbrush for cleaning the action...not my teeth. I bought the fast refill gadget and modified it to include a shoulder strap. More ideas will come to mind once I get a shotgun sling (which will include fishing stuff). Thanks for stimulating my imagination. It has been fun and will continue. Next is a day in the woods cooking squirrel and fish. Ain't life grand! Once again I can't get past all the sign in BS that goes along with talking over the internet. I wanted to post pictures but can't cope with the sign in crap. Hang on tight and look out for the future. Ridge_Runner.

  28. Ridge_Runner, sounds like you have a nice setup going. I am planning on doing another posting or two on the Marlin model 60. If you wish to contribute some pictures of your setup I will post them under a "readers rifles" post.

  29. I have had my Model 60 since I was about 14 (30 years give or take). The only problem I have had is that it went unfired for about 9-11 years and the oils gummed it up. One good cleaning and it was like new. It is simply a hard to hurt rifle. I was looking at your picture, and I would like to say it looks pretty freakin' awesome. I just got finished mounting the same stock on my rifle. I was looking at survivaling it our as you have. I liked many of your ideas, but I had a couple of things occur to me. I already maintian an E-pack to go with me in case of emergency. Most of what you have on your rifle is there in my bag. But I can see having rifle related stuff with it at all times: ammo, cleaning kit, etc. But I was thinking in stead of everything tied on using a small black fanny pack and just wrap the straps around the butt stock area. One of your posts suggests a MOLLE pocket. What was your plan to mount it? How do you feel about the pistol grip of the ATI stock, it feels a bit thin to me. I am considering leaching your idea and wrapping the grip in parachute cord.

    I enjoyed visiting your sight.

    the jurk

  30. If you still have your original stock, I would be interested in buying it.

    Let me know


  31. Hey Jurk! The idea with the Molle pouch was to sew some "button holes" in the shell holder to thread the Molle pouch to. I haven't done that yet as I am still looking to see if there are better options.

    I have small hands so the pistol grip feels fine to me. I think winding 550 cord onto the grip is a reasonable mod. Let us know how it works out for you.

    The original stock for my Model 60 had been cut down (no buttstock) earlier in my years as a survivalist. Since then, the kids used it as a "gun" playing in the backyard battles. Not sure where it is anymore.

  32. Great rifle ! Bought mine 30 something years ago - saved lawn mowing money and had to get my Mom to sign for it - it still shoots like a champ ( even with the original cheap ass glenfield scope!); but lookin at yours makes me think its time to update mine

  33. I just went digging though some of my MOLLE leftovers. I found the Canteen holder laces through the mid sections well and the other still has enough length to wrap the end of the ATI stock. I have not stuffed it to see how it might affect my shooting stance yet. I was thinking on getting some of the water line insulation and putting a piece over the cheek rest, but I think the MOLLE may prevent that. The MOLLE canteen case is the same size as the traditonal canteen cover, but it has an adjustable fastex buckle and a drawstring around the top. This way it will serve as a large pouch as well. There are small velcro pockets on either side. If you wanted to use one of these you would probably have to uncoil the paracord around the stock. I also think everything you have around or attached to the stock would fit into one of these. I am sure you could get a look at one in any number of websites.

    the jurk

  34. I basically copied your ideas with a few changes. One thing you might try:

    Instead of medicine bottles, I used the bottles from my girlfriend's diabetic test strips. They don't have the childproof cap, which might be good or bad, but they seal airtight. Each will hold 12 22LR's and a piece of cotton to absorb any moisture and keep the rounds from rattling.

    I filled two with bullets and the third I filled with wooden matchsticks and a strip of sandpaper. I used wire snips to shorten the matches. The sandpaper went in the bottle like a liner and the matches filled it up. Next I'm going to get a couple of those trick birthday candles that are hard to blow out to put in with the matches.

    With a wire saw and some heavy, bare steel wire for strapping small game to an improvised spit, I think this would make for a good meal-getter in the field.

  35. One more thing: the test-strip bottles are also black so they blend in with the stock and shell holder. I will get some black para cord next.

  36. This is a comment to an old post, but I think you might appreciate the idea.

    I recently made two "speed loaders" for my Marlin Model 60 out of aluminum arrow shafts. I cut the shafts to a length that will hold 18 rounds of .22 LR, permanently covered one end of the cut shaft with electrical tape and made a "cap" of sorts for the other end out of a synthetic wine cork.

    By removing the inner tube and follower of the Marlin's tube magazine, I can drop 18 rounds in from the open end in about 5 seconds (rather than loading individual rounds through the loading port).

    These "speed loader" tubes can be secured alongside the barrel of the rifle with twist-ties, allowing carry of a total of 54 rounds with virtually no extra bulk.

    I shot an Appleseed course with this system and it worked great.

  37. I'm thinking aabout buying one of these stocks for my model 60 but I have heard that the ATI stock isn't very durable. Should I buy one?

  38. As long as you take reasonable care of it as you would any other stock, it should last a long long time. If you are planning to use it for butt stroking Zombies it probably won't last long.

    I wonder about those who malign this stock. It seems that they always heard it from someone else and I have yet to hear first hand experience reliably commenting on its failure. If it has or does, send pictures and details of the failure.

    I am not affiliated with ATI in anyway and some of their products have raised my eyebrows a bit.

  39. i just installed one of these on my M60 and really like it, i did have one issue with the top barrel piece, one of the clips broke off when i was trying to install it, probably my fault. i like the additions you made to the butt with the shell cover, i'll probably add something similar. also the idea to use an arrow as a speed loader is a great idea. overall i like the feel of the new stock, having a pistol grip makes for a more solid feel and should help stabilize when aiming..

  40. I have the same stock on my Model 60 but I have long hands so it felt fairly thin in my grip. My solution to that was to wrap the grip section itself in 550 cord which expanded it just enough to feel much better to me. THose of yu that have a similar problem might want to give that a shot as well. Solved that issue quite nicely for me.

  41. How did you get the bipod mounted? I have an ATG bipod with the same ATI stock you have but the swivel studs that came on the stock are way smaller than the one for the bipod. Did you just drill and tap a bigger hole?

  42. Forget the pill bottles ,used muzzle loader quick load tubes. They will fit better.

  43. Smack, expect photos soon of how I attached it.

    Lynx, I don't have any, so I just used what was available. Sounds interesting tho. I will look into it.

  44. I hollowed out the wooden stock on my Marlin 60 to store a few items and added an ammo pouch. If you want to see pictures, you can see it on my blog here

  45. I have over 50,000 rounds thru my model 60 and the rifling still looks like new. Best $90 dollars I ever spent, and that was with a scope included.

  46. My first Gun was Ruger LCP and i found it perfect as it shoots accurately.

  47. I have the model 60 that my grandpa and dad had i have put countless number of rounds through it, when i first got it i was jamming really bad i noticed it was gummed up from years of sitting and i cleaned it and it is like a brand new gun, i found a bullpup stock for it for 129 kind of expensive for a cheap gun but i'm gonna get it anyways when i do ill be sure to send you the pics.

  48. Thanks Adam, I look forward to seeing what you have done to modify your rifle!

  49. Just put some holes in the stock of mine this weekend, then I see your post.
    I removed the butt plate, drilled two 9/32 holes approx. four inches deep upward into the stock. At the momment I can fit six rounds .22lr with a razor blade stuck to the underside of the plate. I will be drilling deeper when I get a longer tool.
    I haven't figured out a way to fix a screw driver permanently to the swivel on the strap yet, but I'm working on it.

    1. I'm makin a "screwdriver" for another survival rifle & using a screwdriver tip (like you use in a drill) use a 1/4" socket, drill a hole thru it & use an old Allen wrench or nail w/ the tip ground down. Put the nail thru the socket so its a T handle, put the tip in the socket & you have a small screwdriver you can stash anywhere. Another idea is use the tip & a 1/4" wrench..just put the tip on a screw & use the wrench to turn it. Good luck.

  50. Epic, I have to say. Also, I hope you don't get this a lot, but if you're referencing Macbeth, it's "Something wicked /this way/ comes". On topic, though, this about all the reason I need to have a look at replacement gun stocks. The medicine capsules are a stroke of genius(I'm new to the scene, if you can't tell).

    1. Ray Bradbury wrote a book using that title and there was a movie titled the same based on his book.

      To avoid a legal issues I used the current name. It also names the disaster to soon come.

  51. I was thinking of a bullpup conversion kit for my model 60 until i found this post. You had some great ideas, and then i noticed this post is 6 years old. Did you finish your build? And what does it look like now? The ojly thing I'd do different is use film canisters (the plastic black and grey bottles 35mm film comes in) instead of pill bottles

  52. I like parts of ur set up, but there's things I'd change too. The biggest thing is using med bottles ur takin up a lot of room u can save by makin fire starters using straws..u can find how to make them on YouTube, just search "straw ideas" or "straw fire starters". Basically u cut a straw a bit shorter than ur pill bottle, hold 1 end w/ pliers & heat it w/ a lighter, this will seal 1 end..then stuff it w/ ur petroleum soaked cotton balls, push them down tight w/ a match stick, wipe off the end (u don't want any petroleum on it or it will catch on fire) now burn the this end like u did the other end. Now u have a waterproof fire starter, just cut the end off, pull some cotton out, fluff it up & its ready. U can store a lot more this way & if ur bottle cracks or u loose the lid, they're still waterproof. Now u can add a few of these to the bottle w/ matches in it & u have freed up 1 bottle..or use the straw idea & add hand cleaner, the antibiotic type w/ alcohol in it & u have a way to start a major fire (leave a bit of room in the straw so it won't bust open if u put to much pressure on it) u can do a lot w/ this idea, lighter fluid, etc. U can make a few w/ different things inside for bad weather, etc. I'd take some matches out & add a mini bic or peanut lighter..u can make more fires & a lighter has enough spark to light a cotton ball even w/ no fluid. Also think about adding jute or twine, u can use it for fire starting in good weather, this will save ur cotton balls, just loosen the strands a bit & hit em w/ a spark & u have fire. U can waterproof twine by lightly coating it w/ wax, then it breaks off when u fluff it. U don't really need to put ur straws in waterproof containers, just put them under ur 550 or tape them to ur stock. If this frees up a bottle, u can add more ammo or a cleaning kit. Good luck..hope I didn't confuse u ;)

  53. There is a better option out there for this now. It is the HT60 by Hunting Tactical.

  54. Replies
    1. Thank you. If you would like one for a product review let me know.

    2. That would be awesome! This post has been one of my most viewed posts, so I know there are lots of people interested in updating their Marlin.

  55. There is a new stock option out there for the Marlin/Glenfield 60 & 795's. Check out the HT60 by Hunting Tactical.

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