Monday, June 30, 2008

Signs Of The Times

The Signs are everywhere you look now days.

In front of homes.
On forlorn vehicles.


Everyone is trying to dump their gas guzzlers, but who wants to buy?

They are trying to unload their over mortgaged properties, but who can afford them?

Oil has hit a new high at $143 a barrel, driven up by the commodity traders once again. This rampant greed by a small sector of society is making life grim for those on fixed income and the lower wage earning public. It is putting the squeeze on most middle class incomes also, for the most part because they are so deeply in debt to the American dream.

Burst the oil bubble


Clamp down on these economy destroying bastards you do nothing Congress! Nationalize the damn oil and fuel industry and get these essentials under control again!

I hate government meddling, but there comes a time when enough is enough! Do we let these bastards destroy our nation in the name of Capitalism and profit taking or do we take control and bring this price gouging to an end!


Summer is finally here in the PNW. Temperatures have gone from the mid 60's to the mid 90's overnight. I hate it when the weather does that! The garden is going to love it as long as I give it plenty of water.

My grape vine is growing well; it is a cutting I got when the neigbors trimmed their arbor 2 years ago. I just cut the root end on a bevel and poked it into the ground and when spring came around, It Grew! They are a small green grape with seeds and are very sweet when ripe in the fall.

The other plants are doing well now that the torrential rains have quit inundating us daily. By the way, PNW stands for Pacific North Wet.

I have been rather busy around the house since I am now nearly over this cursed cough and sore throat. Allergys compounded by sinus problems?

Time to hit the yard sales that are everywhere. Some really good bargins are out there to be had. Even if you don't need some of the bargins, they might be worth purchasing to sell on eBay. Use the profits to buy more prep gear. Just be wary of paying too much or buying something of no use just because it is bargin priced. Tools are generally always a good investment.

Be wary of electronics and old computers. The old style monitors are considered hazardous waste when you try to dispose of them, as are most old electronics.

You may find a few firearms this way also, as well as reloading equipment and such. Fishing gear, boating gear, hunting, trapping, etc...

So keep your eyes peeled and stop at every sale you can find. Who knows what treasures you may find!


  1. You Do Not Want the gummint to nationalize ANYTHING - ever. The cause of oil price increases is that the dollar is worth nearly nothing - which is why food costs so much too. A very small percentage of oil sold in the US is traded on the futures markets. While some may be making money it is not the cause of increased cost.

  2. Drill and build refineries that is the way to bring down oil prices. Nationalizing anything is blatently unconstitutional (and communist) and would be grounds for a revolution.

  3. What is now happening to the American citizen is grounds for a revolution.

  4. I remember the last time the US government tried to do something about the high price of gasoline. Nixon's price freezes and rationing, where you could only buy a few gallons every other day in hour-long lines, was worse IMO. The government will not be able to make the refineries produce more, our oil wells produce more, or other countries accept our debased currency at the rates it used to command.
    Look at silver vs. oil. You can buy a gallon of gas for a silver quarter, just as you could in 1964. The difference is our government spending more than it has, making our dollars worth less. Economic statistics are doctored, showing unemployment less than actual, production more than it is. The official inflation rate has very little acquaintance with reality. Government is busy lying to us, and this mess is of their making.

  5. My experience is that people seem to be selling their useless shit at the yards sales. Tools, knives, guns and other things seem to be off the shelves at the sales at which I have been poking around. I think people are trying to dredge up spare change, but not get rid of anything that may help them later.

    As a response to marine83, if the bastards took it from the country without paying for it and are using it to maintain control of us against our will, we damn well should take it from them.

    Nationalization is not necessarily communistic. Sometimes, it can be effective at reining in groups of people who are abusing their power.

    Fuck these people...they are not looking out for the best interests of the country, just their own greed and privilege.

  6. I always thought PNW stood for
    Preppie-Nature-Wingnuts! LOL

    Wheee summer. I should have gotten pictures of my 3-4" high corn poking up out of the Snow we had in April! Sheeesh
    And the Bugs this year- Man O Man. Quite the challenge for organo-gardeners like me.
    I resorted to leaving stands of weeds for the bugs to hopefully munch on instead of my garden plants. Hope yours is doing well.

  7. Oil traders are only trying to keep up with the Fed's printing presses, and I can prove it.

    In 1964 an ounce of silver bought about 5 gallons of gas. Today that same ounce still buys about the same amount of gas. That means that the only thing that has changed is the amount of dollars in circulation. Don't be upset with traders, they're the ones letting you know how screwed up the system is.

    Oil producers say, ok, you wanna pay us in dollars? Hmmm, is that your printing press I hear overheating back there? Better give me a few more dollars to make up for all those extra ones you're making.

    It ain't speculation baby, it's your pocket being picked by your elected leaders, who borrow from the Fed and pay it back on our backs but never quite do...and the Fed is always happy to do it.

  8. Mine is but a sad shadow of a real garden. But it was mainly meant to test my ability to grow and the viability of the older seeds I have.

    What survived the constant downpour earlier this spring is beginning to bloom! i have blooms on some of my beans as well as my squash plants. Hurrah! Success!

  9. "Nationalization is not necessarily communistic. Sometimes, it can be effective at reining in groups of people who are abusing their power".

    No it is just communist. A redistribution of wealth that doesn't belong to you so the poor, downtroden (you can read that as ignorant or unwilling to work),can have a "fair" shot. Tell me again how that's not communist.

    There is plenty of blame to go around, but most of it can be laid at the feet of the politicians. The oil companies are what they are and do what they do. I don't get the takining without paying refence either. What was taken from you without payment?

    Doing what you suggest would, in my view be the final nail in the coffin of the US of A. If that is your goal, by all means, carry on.

  10. Should be alot of good finds at yardsales a plenty with the upcoming 4th of July Weekend. I can relate my 4x4 Truck payment with gas is eating me alive. I may have it sold find out tonight if so I'm going still get a 4x4 just a older model pay cash to elimanate any vechile paymnet plus drop full coverage to liability insurance saving a few more bucks I think the high gas prices our here to stay.......

  11. The high price of fuel is just beginning to effect evrything.

    There will be some bargains at yard sales and flea markets as people attempt to raise additional cash to fuel their gas guzzlers or buy food which is steadily getting more expensive.

  12. Nationalizing the oil industry is not in America's best interest; however, by stopping the many blends of gasoline, where refinery activities must be stopped and reconfigured to satisfy Kalifornia's need for control and self loathing with 27 blends, it would help lower the price. The max you need, on a national scale, is 6...3 for summer, 3 for winter.

  13. gw. Agreed. Once again look to our politicians for assinine laws. Nationalizing the oil companies would just make it worse. Show me where in history government has done anything cheaply? Besides that only leftist dicatators nationalize industries. Just ask Lenin, Castro Chavez, Ortega et al.