Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Price of Disarmament

Military 'runs Mugabe campaign'

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The problems faced by the people of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) should be an example to the rest of us as to what can happen when you give up your firearms and your political leader wants to stay in office for life. Not satisfied with destroying his countrys economy, Mugabe wants to destroy it's people also. Since they have no weapons, the people are brutalized by Mugabes thugs.

Is this all at the behest of his Chinese handlers? They are the ones that bankrolled his terrorist forces before they came to power in Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe. If the population is decimated then chinese workers can come in to run the farms rather than the legitmate citizens of Rhodesia. (hard to force myself to call it by the new terrorist name)

China must have more arable land to produce food for it's huge population. It is sticking it's nose into every third world nation, trying to buy up everything it can as it becomes the new consumer nation. This will eventually lead to war with the Western nations as their intrests are threatened by China's comsumption. China is modernizing it's armed forces to be on an equal or superior footing with the west.

While we wear out our military in the middle east, China is rebuilding and renewing it's forces to project it's intrests worldwide. And since they hold so much of our foriegn debt, they could blow our economy out of the water with a single sneeze.

I would not be surprised if they did not bankroll the anti-gun crowd as it would be in their best intrest to have the population disarmed to make a take over easier to accomplish. They do not want to face a nation of gun owners, eager to get some payback.


  1. One has to wonder..... Personally, I will get as many guns and as much ammo as I can get my hands on. If the jack boots come lookin' for it, I will have already hidden it away, save for one. It is every American citizen's duty to own a firearm, but alas, the bleeding hearts have convinced the sheeple otherwise. Fortunately there are those of us who have amassed quite an impressive arsenal, and will be able to arm his neighbors when the time comes.

  2. Just keep things quiet. Buy your ammo with cash, keep a stash hidden away from the main homestead.

    Risk is high

  3. i'm not a fan of rhodes either. he bequeathed his fortune to the task of recapturing america for the british empire. the destruction of the american middle class is the common goal of communist and oligharch alike. maybe it's better that the sheeple go without guns, though i'll feel sorry for them as they smugly go to the slaughter convinced they're right. without fire arms my irish ancestors could only watch as shiploads of food steamed away from there as millions went hungry. not me though. not again. not here. not my family, except over my dead body. cache as much food and ammo as you possibly can. decide to die as a free man.

  4. I agree with the consumption gargantuan China (followed by India) will become or has alredy become and they're not even publishing their real GDP growth figures, there is no way they're at 10%. But don't forget, what goes around comes around. Its their turn now. We sqaundered 8 years and trillions of $$ investing in everything that was useless (read Haliburton, blackwater et all and needless wars) not to mention that now the world out there is diveded along the lines of "with USA" or "against USA". I agree with you with China's current stance but I see the reality differently. The 50mm Barretts and Ar-15 in such a situation would be useless. We have been blanket bombing Iraq for many years now, last was Sadr city a month ago. Peace prevails after that coz rubble don't cause trouble. The time of foot soldiers has long gone.

  5. Not wanting to sound like a flame but the above post about "The time of foot soldiers has long gone." is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    The only way an area can be held is by ground forces of which Infantry is the backbone. Think about your area. How is it held? Through ground forces known as Police.

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  7. China is at war with us, but very few people realize it.

  8. The chinese have no wish to be involved in a nuclear exchange. They know they will not win. Their plan is to destroy us economically so as to preserve intact our lands for their immigration and production of food stuffs. As we destroyed the Soviet Union, so will they destroy us. We gave them all our industrial base, no all they need to do is call in their loans and stop trading with us.
    Instant collapse. No product for walmart and the economically depressed people of the US, brought to their knees by rising food and fuel costs.
    And Congress fiddles while the US burns...

  9. Interesting post. We do not want to fight them over there and the Chinese can't get here. No matter though, soft war is the order of this conflict.